A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

  • Find your memories through the forest and rocky fields,.
  • Avoid hostiles by either sneaking around... or running away.
  • Piece the story together... music box by music box.

A map.

CrouchLeft Ctrl
Zoom In/OutMouse W

- Game Developer: Sergio Perez 

       Youtube: Gaminart Productions (Watch and learn the development of this game!)

- Musical Composer and Sound Designer: Emmanuel Segarra

      Website: Emmanuelsegarramusic.com (Listen to his other work and reach out!)

- Sound Designer: InspectorJ

     jshaw.co.uk of Freesound.org (Many of the sfx was done by him!)


melodies-and-memories-win-linux-mac-stable.zip 166 MB
Version 1 Aug 01, 2019


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broke the game in the first 10 seconds trying to fix the sensitivity lol

The glitch sound is corrupt steve hear the sound eystreems scary survival seed

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anyone interested here is my gameplay so far idk what im missing but i will revisit it


just made a vid on it, i walked around for 20 mins and only found 3 boxes, a big ass tree and a building, idk if i got unlucky and missed something but couldnt figure out what to do. does the building open?

I suggest you stick around the walls of the map!